Dale Cornish

A New Tooth - dentistry fundraiser

A New Tooth

= 43 minutes of unreleased music

= "this complex root canal doesn't pay for itself you know"

available here!

split 12" with Sim Hutchins out today on OOH-Sounds

California is the A-side of the fabulous California/Druk Pak split single

it is released by the delightful OOH-Sounds as the second installment of their Decouple ][ Series

obtain here >>>

Temporal = new album out now for Vanity Publishing

my new album 'Temporal' is out now

available in the fashionable cassette, download and free streaming formats


Exigence (For Jack)
Repose (commissioned for Tempting Failure 18)

mastered by that Phil Julian:

thanks to all who have supported so far!

gigs last half of 2018

25/08 - Berlin Atonal - guest vocals for Aasthma (Pär Grindik and Peder Mannerfelt)
17/09 - London Cafe Oto with Space Afrika and Cremation Lily
14/10 - Tusk Festival, Sage Gateshead
10/11 - duo with Phil Julian for De Player x Entr'acte night at Pink Pank, Rotterdam

Repose = special commission for Tempting Failure 18

delighted to confirm I have been commissioned to create a special audio work for Tempting Failure 18

the world premiere of Repose takes place at Croydon Council Chamber on July 14th and 15th.

the Chamber is rarely open to the public and will be transformed into a space for escape, rest and contemplation, for which Repose has been specially created. all ticket sales are in aid of mental health charity SANE. each performance is limited to 5 people only so this will be special!



Berlin! London! etc!


Acotxador = new EP for Anòmia out today

2 months after the release of Rhododendron...

a 2nd EP on cassette!

Acotxador is a cassette for Anòmia, as part of the Elastic Floor series curated by Rubén Patiño:

"Six tracks exploring the fantasy aspect of Rubén Patiño’s elastic floor. All track titles and credits in Catalan. It’s 2018, time to think local and international. This is for those at the top of their game but not quite top of the tree."


(with thanks to Arnau and Rubén)

Rhododendron and Vanity Publishing/remix for Perc

my new albumette Rhododendron is now available

half successor to Fleshpile Thematic/half not

it is released on Vanity Publishing, a sublabel of The Wormhole, The Tapeworm's sublabel. Vanity Publishing is co-run by Philip Marshall and myself.

the first two tapes are...

CARLY#1 Dale Cornish - Rhododendron (cassette)
CARLY#2 Philip Marshall - Entrain (cassette)


further releases are possible...

supremely honoured to have been asked to remix a track from Perc's splendid Bitter Music album, out today! you can buy/stream the full length of all 7 remixes (split across 2 EPs) at the renowned "camp of bands" website, as below!


gigs/TTW100/remixes for Merzbow and Closed Circuits/mix for GMA/more radio

a number of gigs coming up in the last few months of 2017:

>>two for that Dale Cornish & Phil Julian duo...
*September 29th - London
The Tapeworm 'A Can Of Worms' - 100 releases party - Iklectik
*October 20th - LUFF Lausanne

>>...and one for that Dale Cornish guy
*November 3rd - Manchester
Club CITS, with Hannah Sawtell, Afrodeutsche, UKAEA, Hesska

brand new track "One Hundred" will be on the Tapeworm 'A Can of Worms' cassette, the 100th release on The Tapeworm, 30+ artists on this one to celebrate!


two remixes coming out soon!

one for the fabulous Merzbow, out on October 22nd:

the second, for the splendid Closed Circuits, out as a pay-what-you-want affair over on the camp of bands:

done a mix for Grey Matter Archives, an 18 minute collection of Television Music from around the world:

more editions of my shows for New New World Radio have been uploaded by the station, all available c/o my Mixcloud link ---> https://www.mixcloud.com/dalecornish/

thank you for your attention/s

it's been a while/it's been no time at all

summer came/and went (in south London at least)

new audio = in the works

two remixes for two exceptional artists = SOON (ish)

a few gigs TBC in the works

all my shows for New New World Radio (every 2nd Saturday) are all posted to my Mixcloud account:



it's been a while/it's been no time at all

summer came/and went (in south London at least)

new audio = in the works

two remixes for two exceptional artists = SOON (ish)

a few gigs TBC in the works

all my shows for New New World Radio (every 2nd Saturday) are all posted to my Mixcloud account:



Aqal (last copies) / We Need No Swords feature / Pageant fashion show / remixes / radio shows

the last few copies of Aqal are available from my Bandcamp >>>


apart from the physical edition, the digital is also available (and you can also stream the album in full from the above)

THANK YOU to everyone who has bought the album so far

a special 1 hour edition of the We Need No Swords podcast was recorded, featuring an extensive interview about Aqal and my work generally (sorry for the sore throat)


...and in other news:
delighted to say the fabulous HTRK have inclued two of my tracks in their special composite mix for Pageant and their Melbourne Fashion Week Show, audio is here:


I have done a remix for Kazuya Ishigami, which will be released on an Entr'acte X Kyou Records collaboration CD. other artists remixing include Imaginary Forces, Yves de Mey, Eryck Abecassis


I have also done work on two remixes for two fantastic (and very different artists), to be released later in the year

if you fancy a remix (or some kind of collaboration) all offers considered!

a number of recent radio shows for New New World Radio have been uploaded to Mixcloud, including my 2 hour special in tribute to the work of the late Mika Vainio:


...and now the weather

Aqal = new album on Entr'acte released 06.05.17

Aqal is an 8 track album, released by Entr'acte on the 6th of May

the "logical" successor to the acclaimed/notorious Ulex from two years back

continues the loose sequence of Ulex (2015), Xeric (2014) and Glacial (2012)

was going to be vinyl/but now it isn't/so "dynamic" it wouldn't work on vinyl

>limited supply of CD copies...
>(already sold out at Entr'acte on pre-orders)
>...and digital available from:


thank you to everything who has already bought a copy!

06.02.17 album/New New World Radio show/remixes

06.02.17 = new live album by Dale Cornish & Phil Julian
Released by the Cafe Oto label Otoroku as a digital download, from our set supporting Genesis P-Orridge & Aaron Dilloway. includes snapshots of new duo material in the works.

release info/That Apron Worn At Gig-cover art:

the delightful The Wire magazine have a preview of three of the tracks:

...with thanks to Abby Thomas for her enthusaiasm and support releasing this album

I am doing a regular 2 hour radio show for New New World Radio at nnwradio.com, with two shows aired so far. if you cannot listen live these are available on the NNWR Mixcloud after broadcast:
*March 4th - https://www.mixcloud.com/nnwradio/dale-cornish-4th-march-2017/
*March 25th - https://www.mixcloud.com/nnwradio/dale-cornish-25th-march-2017/

3 x remixes of three very different artists have been completed and are in the pipeline for release later in the year

next gig = Milton Keynes 13.04.17
MK Gallery with Group A and Circuit Breaker

Halcyon Veil EP/Jire remixes/gigs

Halcyon Veil today release 'Cut Sleeve', a six track EP, distributed by Boomkat. available on cassette (limited to sixty copies) and download.

download link here:

cassette sold out on Boomkat very quickly but Norman Records and Rewind Forward will be having a few copies!, yes indeed

a video for lead track "Cut" is here:

now is the perfect time to ask!

post (at) dalecornish (dot) com

...and speaking of gigs - first two solo gigs of 2017 confirmed

March 21st - Happened 002a @ Waiting Room, London
first day of a two day event

April 13th - MK Gallery, Milton Keynes (supporting Group A, with Circuit Breaker)

two remixes of "C_Temple" by Jire now available digitally on 'Zang Reworked' c/o No Pain In Pop

further music to come in 2017


happy new year
с новым годом

thank you for your continued support and interest

+++first gig of 2017 =
supporting Genesis P-Orridge & Aaron Dilloway
Dale Cornish & Phil Julian pop duo/the inevitable 2nd gig
London Cafe Oto 06/02/17

^^^fashion news
the Dale Cornish x EVOL t-shirt has now crossed over from your dreams into reality! a rendering of the first line of my creative response/press release/thing for the "Do These" album


new releases will appear in 2017
///but not quite yet

CLAP/Electronic Explorations mix

new 12"


now out c/o the good people at Where To Now?

4 x explorations of the TR-909 handclap

(Oolovka/Cxema/Isolate/Before Encore)

order/stream in full over at....


done a special mix for Electronic Explorations and their 9th birthday
a selection of "influences", tracks that keep me pushing forward


two nice ways to almost-end this hateful year

Powell album/two London gigs/12" for Where To Now?

the highly enjoyable new Powell album entitled 'Sport' is now released on XL, featuring my south London tones on the collaboration "Do You Rotate?"

also: two gigs in London
both at Cafe Oto

Dale Cornish & Phil Julian (duo) supporting NHK


Where To Now? present Report
solo set, along with performances from U, rkss, Ben Vince, R Elizabeth

and in related news: Where To Now? will release a 12" called Clap, four new tracks. possible dancefloor interest.

Laughing Out/remix/more things

Laughing Out = 7" pop single with Phil Julian.
on The Tapeworm's fine Wormhole imprint.
three tracks, no encores, 123 copies.
screenprint of a legendary double-act by Lukas Julius Keijser
with supreme thanks to "Don Wyrm"
out August 12th.

pre-order here:

A-side previewed here:

A-Laughing Out
B1-For Vocal

My remix of Billie Ray Martin and her track "The Glittering Gutter" now out. 100% 'Soho Nocturnal'proof:

More audio items are coming soon.
Info...... soon....ish.